Recurring Payments Simplified

Advanced Debit Order & Recurring Card Solution
Improve unpaids by up to 20%

Recurring cards & Debit orders

Automated Communications

Active Live Data

Payment Links

Live Collection Manager

What we offer

Instant updated information on each transaction.

No need for face to face or trips to the bank. It’s all done online in seconds

It’s all done online from the comfort and efficiency of your computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

Automatically send invoices, unpaid notifications, errors and more.

Increased collection payments with a greatly reduced unpaid rate.

Collect funds in real time as they are due.

Fix errors with data, card or payer information and have transaction updated in real time. 

Get the data you need through customisable reporting.

Access limited to positions of hierarchy. 

Connect to your current accounting software and synchronise throughout. 

Verify your account

No need to download from your CPS profile on your banking website – all information is directly available

Login from anywhere to access and view reports

With the speed and ease of AddPay Collections there is no need for trips to the bank, back and forth emails.

Solutions to suit your needs and requirments. We devlop software for our clients.

End-to-end payment solutions with payment gateway, and card payment facilities.

Instantly send & receive feedback from client on mandates

Access all documents online: contracts, mandates and transaction history

Industries using our collection platform. 


  • Security Companies
  • Gyms
  • Webhosting Companies
  • Charities and Donation Based
  • Subscription Based

Easy collections


  • Create your own signup links
  • Customers complete links on their cellphone
  • Pro-rata, activation payments & skip first payments
  • Contracts process automatically

Monthly Subscription


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From excl VAT
EFT Debit Transaction Submission R3.62
EFT Reverd Transaction (Failed/Unpaid/Returned/Refund) R8.83
E-Mandate Processing R4.05
Notifications & Paymnet Links R0.35
Platform Access to Manage Collections R238.00

A few of the clients using our platform

Since partnering with AddPay, our membership debit order integration with our access control system could not have gone any smoother. The AddPay system has helped us tremendously in managing our unpaid transactions. AddPay is a progressive company that is also wiling to listen to our needs and welcome our suggestions and requests. The AddPay team is highly skilled and rooted in their values, that directly align with our vision when choosing our business partners.

Dr Francois Kotze

Maties Gymnasium

AddPay is a registered TPPP. We offer online EFT and PCI-DSSI Card services.
Your online application together with our T&C’s and your Term Sheet form the full Service Level Agreement.
Fees quoted in the tables above are standard fees. However different risk profiles may result in different fees being quoted in your Term Sheet.
Special fee structuring is available to high turnover clients, non-profit and charities.
Fees are invoiced and collected monthly in arrears.
All fees and prices quoted are excluding VAT